Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 2 of Sew-along...

Yeah, it's time to get going on that bag! Thanks so much for all your suggestions so far -- they've been extremely helpful, and I'm very glad the pictures are helping. So on to week two: Let's take the first section of the bag, the inside.

This week you'll get your inside pieces together, put the pocket on, and do the sides and corners. I expect the pocket and the corners to be the most difficult part of this pattern, so PLEASE let me know if you have any questions. :) We'll set the deadline for Saturday again (March 12). Happy sewing!


  1. K, on step 3, how far away do you top stitch? Does it matter?

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  3. haha! i guess top stitch is one of those terms i forget might need a bit of explaining. no, on step three it doesn't matter: it's practical in that it tacks the stitch down, but it's also a decorative stitch, so feel free to put it where you think it looks good. 1/8 inch is good, but some people like it almost on top of the seam.

  4. also, i assumed i should use a zipper foot, but i wasn't sure if it was necessary. that might be something to specify ;)

  5. I was a little late gettting this part done, but I was able to find some time tonight to work on the purse...hooray!

    So far everything continues to be clear and the pictures continue to be the biggest help.

    I didn't use a zipper foot because I was too lazy to switch it out, but it seemed to work great without it.