Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Final sew-along segment...

Thanks for everyone doing our little sew-along! Let's get it finished up -- we took a break for Spring Break, but I think we can finish the last two parts of the pattern by next Saturday (April 2). Do the outside of the bag, your embellishment and go ahead and put the whole thing together. Make sure to take a picture of your finished project and send it to me or post it here so we can all enjoy your great bag!

My sis was speedy and finished her's up last week -- cute, huh?

Happy sewing!


  1. I'm going to do this today...right now. (If I don't comment I'll procrastinate.)

  2. I actually didn't do it the other day...I went to the science museum. Now I am doing it and I have a question about step 20.

    I am confused about inside outside right-side wrong-side. Does the zipper on the lining face in or out?