Friday, February 25, 2011

Mini Purse/Scripture bag sew-along...

Thanks again to my testers. I really appreciate your help!!!


For the first part of our sew-along, get your materials and interfacing and get the pieces cut out. Also do Step 1 and apply your interfacing. Feel free to leave any comments about suggested changes, things you like/don't like, etc. Time goal: Saturday, March 5.


  1. I just finished cutting out all of my pieces and applying the I get extra credit for being the first one done?? :)

    Thank you for the clear pictures and directions, I've only read as far as step one, but so far everything has been easy and clear(and that's saying something coming from me, because usually the wording in patterns reads like a foreign language to me!)

    It's hard for me to stop a project once I get started, but I'll put it aside until next week!

  2. I got the kit so I don't have to cut out my pieces! Yet, Katrina still beat me in this step by attaching the interfacing...I am so ashamed :P.

    As for the bottom of the bag...I am going to switch it up and use an upholstery fabric instead of the canvas. Do you think I need to add interfacing to that too? Or will it be think enough?

    And I get what you're saying about the pattern, it actually makes sense! I think all the photos are the biggest help for me.

  3. JQ, i bet you probably won't need the interfacing for upholstery; that stuff's usually pretty thick. it just depends on how stiff you want your back. :)i'm glad everything is pretty clear so far!
    and katrina, don't get bogged down by us -- they're deadlines for completion. if you get the itch, sew away!! :)

  4. Sweet. I ended up using the interfacing just because it was with the kit. :)

    BTW, I love that you used the colors you did for the is easy to see which fabric is A...which is B...and which is C.

    But unlike Katrina, I'm ready to call it a week! I feel so accomplished ;)

  5. Ok, so I'm a day behind because I've barely had time to sit down lol. So on your pattern, I would put both the interfacing at 3/4 yd. I didn't have quite enough with 1/2 yd. Also, maybe make it 1/2 yd on material B (the canvas). I didn't have enough to do the top of the lining, but I had enough to make it out of material A, so it works :) I'm excited to see how cute this is going to be.

  6. thanks, sis! yeah, i was cutting out interfacing for keri and katrina and i figured 1/2 yard would only do it if you piece it together. and boo -- thought i had figured out the measurements well on the material. thanks for letting me know!

  7. well you were close, but it just wasn't quite enough. but that's why we're testing it for you :)