Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome to Crafters Anonymous...

Fine, I'll admit it. I have an addiction.

Hi, I'm Meg. And I can't stop crafting... (enter fake sobs)

Ok, so my sobs are only fake because I don't think I'll be doing anything to curb my addiction any time soon; in fact, I plan to feed it. :) Although, if my hubby saw how much I've been spending on this little (or rather big) addiction, those sobs might be real. I'm hoping this Etsy shop works out so I can get back some of my investment.

I also think I suffer from DIY disease. I see something and I think, "I can do that!" Is it cost effective? Actually, most the time, and certainly more satisfying than buying it. (On that note, I'm working on making my own maxi dress, because as Katrina put it so well, it is ridiculously hot here and I need something cooler to wear. Promise, $6. It'll be easy. Look for it in a few weeks).

My lastest "I can do that" project:

This is the character Sarah from "I Am Number Four." Decent movie, excited to read the book. But aren't you in love with this hat? I am! And as much as I love to crochet, knit hats are just so much finer, so much better in detail. So I have turned my attention to knitting...

I learned how to knit several years ago, but all I could remember was the purl stitch. That's it. So I've basically had to reteach myself all about it. Thank you, YouTube! It took like 10 tries to figure out how to do the ribbing and a stitch that I think will be close to Sarah's hat. But I think I've got it! My next knitting project:

I absolutely loved Hermione's hat in the last Harry Potter. I neeeeeeed it! So it's a good thing I'm learning to knit. :)

I love learning something new or coming up with a new idea. What are your craft addictions? Anything keep you up at night, imagining all the awesome possibilities?

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  1. I am looking forward to the dress! Tutorial?