Thursday, October 6, 2011

Something for your bling with a twist...

As promised, here's a little fancier version of a jewelry organizer, this one more all-in-one.

This was my friend Keri's idea, and it's brilliant! I made this as a birthday present for my sister-in-law.

You'll need these items:
*a shadowbox frame (a frame with kind of a door on it, deep enough to put things inside -- a wood one)
*hot glue gun
*staple gun (optional)
*fiberglass screen

(Sorry, I know I'm using the same pics again, but you don't mind, do you?)

I bought my shadowbox at Hobby Lobby -- even half off it wasn't as cheap as I had hoped, but it really worked well for the project. It also had hardware to sit on a dresser instead of hanging on the wall, just fyi. I bought the screen at Home Depot behind the windows department along the back wall. And I bought these awesome wood pushpins at The Container Store, and then they were too big for my project. :( So I ended up buying some rounded-head pins at Target.

Again, this method is really easy -- you could have this done in an afternoon! First, ditch the glass or plastic. You won't need it.

Next, take out the back/inside of the frame. Mine had a styrofoam pad attached to the back, and I tried to cover it wth fabric without taking it apart. That totally didn't work, so don't be afraid to take it apart! If your shadowbox doesn't have some kind of pad, then I suggest you get one or it won't hold your necklaces and/or bracelets.

I cut my fabric a little generously so I would have plenty to work with (so maybe an inch, inch and a half beyond the edges of my back and foam pad).

Warm up your glue gun and you'll attach the fabric to the foam, and then glue it to your backing.

My pad was glued to the back, and then there were screws through the backing and foam to the frame. When I glued my fabric down, and then glued the foam onto the backing, I tried not to put glue over where the screws needed to go.

Now you'll cut your screen just a bit bigger than the front of the frame and you'll staple it or glue it in place, basically replacing the glass or plastic with the screen.

Now, it was a little funky doing this part because these hinges didn't allow the frame to lay flat open. I just propped the back up so the front part could lay flat while I stapled it in place. I started with one side, got it stapled down, the really stretched the screen as I stapled the opposite side, then continued to pull as I did the two short sides. I didn't get it to lay perfectly flat and taut, but that's ok. It will still look great if you can't get it as tight as you want.

Finally, trim the excess screen and put your back piece back into its place. Then put some pushpins where you want in the fabric-covered foam and hang your necklaces or bracelets on them. Close the front and put your earrings through the screen holes and enjoy!

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