Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A personal side note...

Yep, I've been MIA for weeks. I have a good excuse, I promise...

I've been on vacation for almost a month, and part of it was spent with my hubby in Hawaii. As much as I'm obsessed with crafts, I just couldn't think about that while laughing with my family on the back porch, enjoying some cool mountain air with my incredible in-laws, or swimming with my sweetheart in blue ocean water. Wonderful, awesome trip.

But I'm back in full craft mode with a bazillion projects on my mind, like Halloween costumes (yes, I've actually been thinking about this since June -- you need to think about that this soon when you're making three of them and you have to have them be awesome like I do), jewelry organizers and yarn goods.

Promise I'll be back soon with some really fun projects!

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